April 20, 2015

We do dirt!

We seem to really like dirt.
Lots of dirt.
No shoes, often no pants (the kids, not me), sticky popsicle hands/legs/feet/ears, and a garden hose.

It's pretty forgiving and I love that it's free.
Handi wipes can't even handle it.

Today we did dirt.  Big time.
(it may appear one small wild child connects slightly more with said dirt?  maybe it's age?)

April 19, 2015

Harvie Passage

An incredibly gorgeous place in our big city.
Next weekend I'm doing a photo session here so naturally I asked my number one 'Location Scout' to check things out.

It is a very peaceful spot with so much to hear and see right at the waters edge.
An amazing view of downtown and all sorts of beautiful city landmarks.

This area has undergone incredible transformation after the June 2013 flood devastation.
In fact, it continues to go through a transition to ensure safety and enjoyment for us all.
It is a beautiful spot for a run, walk, or mini adventure hike.

I'd highly recommend NOT walking along the train bridge as the one individual is in my photo collage below.  YIKES!!!

Check it out here for some really interesting tid bits...

April 18, 2015

Our Easter.

Just 2 weeks after the celebration.
Better late than never?  I'm always playing catch up!

I don't scrap book or do much in the baby book department but I take a heck of a lot of images.

If you don't care for all photo posts you may just want to turn back now…
This was our Easter...


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