Plus One Wee Bean & a Buggy

May 23, 2015

Go outside!

His version.

Her version.

In our happy little home I'm feeling the technology crunch.
I'm the guiltiest under this roof.

Working so hard lately at being present.  Encouraging less stuff and more fresh air.
It's really hard for me.
I'm constantly planning and processing 3 steps ahead, just to try to keep up.

The iPad is a beautiful invention.
It buys us parents some time to breath, eat, or pee on our own.  WOW.  What a concept.
Lately though… it's driving me NUTZ!
I want less iPad in our home.

This mean a few extra BRIBES.
A LOT more popsicles.
And a whole lot more sandbox explosion messes I have to take care of… 
but I'm willing, I'm trying.

It's worth it!

May 20, 2015


If you've never been a volunteer there are so many things you'll never really know.

… the time it takes away from your own family
your own rest
your own routines.

… how much patience you'll need
you'll loose
you'll realize you have.

One of our little man's soccer coach this year just happens to be one of my dearest friends.
Thank you EK for your commitment to our kiddos.
We know you have 3 little ones (under 3) of your own… who all come to cheer the team on.
And days like today, after a 12 hour work shift and no sleep, you still come out to play.

Thank you.
Thank you to anyone who has ever volunteered.
You make a difference, you may not know it but you do.

And little sis…
Can't wait to play next season….

May 13, 2015

Gardening 101

I have huge memories of planting a garden every year with my Mom as a child.
At the time it seemed like miles and miles of garden… but I suppose it wasn't quite that large.
I'm told as a baby my brother and I would crawl behind her in our garden jammies, in search of dirt, rocks, and worms.
Mmmmm, yummy!

I am committed to sharing many of these same traditions with my own littles.
Planting a garden together is one of those traditions.
It is just something I need to do, I want to.

It is absolutely imperative that my children know where food actually comes from.
Where it starts, how it grows, and how much WORK is involved in maintaining food for our bellies and harvesting the 'fruits of our labor'.
Food does NOT come from Safeway or Costco or in a package from Walmart.
I don't care who you are, if you are a Vegan, Vegetarian, or eat anything put in front of you.

While our city garden may only be a portion of what I was used to as a child, the concepts are the same.  We plan, we dig, we get filthy, we water, we enjoy and WE APPRECIATE!
This year it was really obvious that our oldest "get's it".  He understands we grow food.

He had better.  They both better, they are Grandbabies to FARMERS!

A few images from our gardening adventures in our back yard.


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